Digital Photograper - - Shooting Skills -

Pan­ning/track­ing shots For these types of shot I’d usu­ally shoot no slower than 1/50, and no quicker than 1/80, al­ter­ing the ISO and aper­ture to level out the ex­po­sure de­pend­ing on the en­vi­ron­ment.

fast pit-lane shots For pit-lane shots I keep my shut­ter speed su­per quick, some­where around 1/2,000-1/4,000 and aper­ture be­tween f1.4-2.8 to get that sense of madness stopped in time.

at night Night­time at­mos­phere can be tough. I shoot wide open at f1.4 and some­where around 1/80, al­ter­ing my ISO to the low­est pos­si­ble I can get away with, try­ing not to go above 1600 if I can help it.

fo­cus point I use a sin­gle fo­cus point as my images can some­times be very busy, and I’ll want to shoot two or more frames of the same mo­ment but have the con­trol to eas­ily pick my sub­jects.

Cap­tur­ing de­tail For de­tail shots like in­te­ri­ors, I bump up my aper­ture to be­tween f2.8-f4. Shoot­ing at a wider aper­ture can some­times lose just a bit too much de­tail in the rest of the car.

raw shoot­ing I al­ways shoot in RAW and with the D850. I de­cide at the be­gin­ning of the shoot if I need to have the images Medium or Large, de­pend­ing on what the client wants.

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