Speed up al­bum de­sign and boost print sales with this in­tu­itive soft­ware pack­age

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Two photo-edit­ing op­tions are put un­der the spot­light

SRP: $399 / £285 (ap­prox) OS: Mac OS X 10.7+, Win­dows 7+

Al­bum de­sign can re­ally eat up the hours, but Fundy De­signer can change that with a flex­i­ble tem­plate sys­tem that en­ables you to move images around and change their size or as­pect ra­tio with­out cre­at­ing lots of ex­tra work. What’s more, Fundy also has a part­ner­ship with labs such as Graphis­tu­dio and Lox­ley Colour to en­able al­bum and print or­der­ing from within the soft­ware.

There are three ver­sions of the soft­ware suite avail­able, Lite ($199), Al­bum ($299) and Pro ($399). The Lite ver­sion lim­its the size of the al­bums and wall art you can cre­ate, while the Pro ver­sion al­lows both to be cre­ated with the sizes only lim­ited by the lab. Al­bum gives you just the al­bum cre­ation fea­tures of Pro.

Af­ter open­ing Fundy De­signer Pro, the first step is to se­lect the module you want to use, Al­bum, Gallery, Col­lage or Im­age Bran­der (for wa­ter­mark­ing images). The Al­bum module is the most com­plex, but it’s still easy to use with the first step be­ing to se­lect which print­ing lab you wish to use along with the type and size of al­bum/book you want to cre­ate.

The next step is to im­port your edited images be­fore start­ing your lay­out. The fastest way to cre­ate an al­bum is to use the Auto De­sign op­tion, which pro­duces a lay­out in sec­onds. Fundy De­signer can read the images’ EXIF data, in­clud­ing any rat­ings, so it knows which are your favourite images and it will au­to­mat­i­cally make those larger in the de­sign. You can drag images in and out of your lay­out and it will adapt, so you don’t have to re­align ev­ery­thing. Click­ing Lay­outs also lets you view dif­fer­ent ar­range­ments for a spread to make quick changes.

Help­fully, Fundy De­signer can con­nect to an ex­ter­nal edi­tor like Adobe Pho­to­shop or Light­room, so you can make ed­its if nec­es­sary. Al­ter­na­tively, the Pro En­hance­ments tools ($179 per year af­ter a free three-month trial) en­able one-click skin re­touch­ing along with on­line de­sign proof­ing and the abil­ity to ex­port HD slideshows.

And fi­nally, the Gallery module is use­ful for in­creas­ing your print sales by en­abling clients to pre­view images at dif­fer­ent sizes in their own home, even by us­ing a pho­to­graph sup­plied by the client if you’re deal­ing with them re­motely.

Left MAKE THE SALE The abil­ity to see how a print will ap­pear at dif­fer­ent sizes in a client’s own liv­ing room can help con­vince them to pur­chase big­ger prints, more than

pay­ing for the soft­ware

Inset top PICK YOUR LAB Se­lect­ing the lab you wish to use, fol­lowed by the type of al­bum and cover, en­sures that the cor­rect sizes and mar­gins are used for the al­bum you cre­ate

Inset bot­tom HOW MANY PAGES?

Hit­ting Auto De­sign af­ter im­port­ing your images brings up the op­tion to spec­ify the num­ber of pages and images to in­clude in your al­bum. You can add

more as you edit

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