Learn how to ap­ply a sur­re­al­ist in­frared style in Pho­to­shop which is per­fect for land­scapes

Digital Photograper - - Techniques -

1 COPY START SCENE This sur­re­al­is­tic ef­fect is most prom­i­nent on or­ganic mat­ter such as trees and plant fo­liage. Open up your cho­sen start im­age, then du­pli­cate the layer by go­ing to Im­age>Du­pli­cate Layer.

2 IN­VERT THE COLOURS Next, in­vert the colours of the du­pli­cated layer, by se­lect­ing it and then click­ing the In­vert op­tion in the ad­just­ment layer panel. The im­age should now look like a neg­a­tive.

3 CHANGE BLEND MODES Se­lect the in­verted ad­just­ment layer, and change the blend mode to Color from the drop-down menu in the Lay­ers panel. The main tones will now ap­pear as or­ange and blue.

4 COLOUR CHAN­NELS Click the Chan­nel Mixer in the ad­just­ment layer panel. Then, with the Out­put Chan­nel set to red, move the red slider to 0 and blue slider to +100.

5 MORE MIX­ING Next, with the out­put chan­nel set to blue, in­crease the red to +100 and move the blue slider to 0. On the green out­put, set this to +100, with red and blue at 0.

6 LAST STEP Add a Hue/Sat­u­ra­tion ad­just­ment layer via the ad­just­ment layer panel. If you feel like you need to make the colours slightly less in­tense, take down the sat­u­ra­tion lev­els.


VI­BRANT MAGENTAS By tweak­ing the colour chan­nels and in­vert­ing the colours, we cre­ated a wacky, vi­brant ef­fect that turned pink tones to green


START­ING COLOURS our orig­i­nal land­scape im­age

was al­ready vi­brant, but we wanted to change the colours

for a sur­real fi­nal ef­fect

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