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Dis­cover how to work with fe­male mod­els to cre­ate se­duc­tive and sen­sual cap­tures

The per­fect pose is key for cre­at­ing a good por­trait, both for flat­ter­ing your model and also for con­vey­ing the mood and over­all feel of your im­age. Light­ing, hair and make-up are very im­por­tant too, how­ever the pose and po­si­tion­ing of your sub­ject will ar­guably have the big­gest ef­fect on the fi­nal im­age.

When pho­tograph­ing a fe­male sub­ject your aim should be to en­hance her nat­u­ral beauty and fea­tures, so you must pay close at­ten­tion to any un­flat­ter­ing and un­for­giv­ing an­gles. hav­ing a chat with your model be­fore the shoot is al­ways en­cour­aged and can help you with your setup and pose. if the model is ex­pe­ri­enced she might al­ready know her best and most favoured side, or the most flat­ter­ing an­gle to po­si­tion her head. ask­ing about this first will help you to quickly un­der­stand what works best for your sub­ject.

as al­ways the body part clos­est to the cam­era will ap­pear larger, so you must be aware of what that is. You should also fo­cus on how the model’s arms are po­si­tioned, as even the thinnest of mod­els can look larger due to a mis­placed arm.

Your goal should be to work to de­fine the jaw­line. if your model’s jaw­line isn’t clearly de­fined then shoot from slightly above look­ing down, as this gives the jaw­line more def­i­ni­tion and will also slim the body. it might even be a good idea to ask the sub­ject to lean into the cam­era. Lean­ing her face to­wards you will elon­gate the sub­ject’s neck, de­fine the chin and should en­cour­age her hair to fall beau­ti­fully across her shoul­ders. it may also help you to em­pha­sise the size of the model’s eyes, which can be a very at­trac­tive and de­sired trait.

To cre­ate a more se­duc­tive im­age get the model to tilt her head down­wards slightly, ask­ing her to look up at you with her eyes. ask the model to re­lax her jaw so that her lips part, then get her to press her tongue into the roof of her mouth. ask­ing her to play with her hair or touch her face will also cre­ate a more sen­sual and al­lur­ing im­age.

“poses are al­ways cho­sen in ac­cor­dance to the im­age in mind,” ex­plains beauty fash­ion pho­tog­ra­pher Oleg gek­man (500PX.COM/

HECKMANNOLEG). “an im­por­tant fac­tor is the choice of the best an­gle for ev­ery model. i try to avoid hard light for women’s por­traits. i cre­ate a soft light­ing that en­hances the beauty of the model’s skin and her make-up and hair. To achieve that i use soft­boxes and a beauty dish with a scrim. To soften shad­ows i use a de­flec­tor and white pan­els.”

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