En­hance your por­traits by in­clud­ing props and add con­text by em­brac­ing the en­vi­ron­ment

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in­te­grat­ing props and the sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ment into your por­traits is a great way of adding con­text and per­son­al­ity to your shots. it can help to tell a story and add a nar­ra­tive to your im­agery. props and ac­ces­sories will add at­mos­phere and also help the viewer to un­der­stand the per­son­al­ity, emo­tions and role of the sub­ject.

en­vi­ron­men­tal por­traits can be very pow­er­ful, whether you are just mak­ing the most of na­ture to add in­ter­est to your im­agery or are us­ing the en­vi­ron­ment to tell a story about your char­ac­ter – it will help to draw the viewer in and hold their at­ten­tion.

props can also add cre­ativ­ity and con­trast to a scene. for ex­am­ple, adding an ob­ject that doesn’t quite fit and seems out of place can ac­tu­ally add a level of con­flict and in­trigue into an im­age, which will help to hold the viewer’s at­ten­tion and force them to re­ally think about what they are look­ing at. in ad­di­tion, props can of­ten tell us more about the pho­tog­ra­pher them­selves, and can be a way of distin­guish­ing the pho­tog­ra­pher’s work from some­one else’s.

“as i mostly deal with beauty por­traits my shoot­ing props are dif­fer­ent jew­ellery, clothes and other ac­ces­sories,” says gek­man. “at first, i de­cide what kind of im­age i am go­ing to cre­ate, and then i choose props for the shoot­ing. i al­ways come up with the theme for a pho­to­shoot my­self – i think through ev­ery de­tail in the im­age of the model and buy ac­ces­sories.”

“Props will help the viewer un­der­stand the emo­tions and role of the sub­ject”

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