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Light mod­i­fiers are less plen­ti­ful for built-in flashes, but there are some handy op­tions avail­able Dif­fu­sion domes are com­mon for flash­guns, but th­ese can be dif­fi­cult to find for pop-up vari­ants. Try a uni­ver­sal in­ter­nal flash ‘soft­box’, which can be found in­ex­pen­sively on­line or al­ter­na­tively, craft one your­self from a piece of white plas­tic or semi-translu­cent ma­te­rial.

top UNDIFFUSED FLASH With­out any form of dif­fu­sion, the small di­rect flash cre­ates hard­edged light that does not flat­ter the del­i­cate na­ture of the sub­ject

Bot­tom SOFTER SPREAD Once the light has passed through a dif­fuser, the light is more evenly dis­trib­uted, re­sult­ing in a bet­ter feath­ered flash ex­po­sure

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