Take beauty shots in an im­pro­vised home studio with a sim­ple setup

Digital Photograper - - Contents - DIF­FI­CULTY LEVEL: In­ter­me­di­ate/Ex­pert TIME TAKEN: 1 day (max 8 hours)

All it takes is a sim­ple setup and you’ve got your­self a home studio, ready for you to cap­ture a pro­fes­sional-look­ing beauty im­age. Fol­low these shoot­ing and edit­ing tips to find out how

In this brief tu­to­rial you will learn how to make a pro­fes­sional-look­ing beauty shot, with some ba­sic equip­ment and a sim­ple light­ing setup. There are a lot of sim­ple steps that can be eas­ily over­looked, so pay at­ten­tion not to miss these as they can make a huge dif­fer­ence to your end re­sults. For this par­tic­u­lar shoot we will use a full-frame DSLR – in this in­stance we are us­ing the

Canon EOS 5DS with a 50-megapixel sen­sor for ul­tra-high clar­ity, but you can still use cam­eras with half that res­o­lu­tion, even with APS-C sized sen­sors. For the lens we chose Canon’s EF 135mm f2L USM tele­photo lens, which is re­ally one of the best and sharpest Canon lenses around.

In the light de­part­ment, we’re go­ing with only one light source – here it’s the SK300 II, a very af­ford­able studio flash made by Go­dox, and it was fit­ted with a par­a­bolic soft­box. We used a cheap back­drop kit, but you can do this even in front of the wall. This pho­to­shoot won’t re­quire a huge work­ing area, nor a studio with high ceil­ings, and we’ll elab­o­rate why as we go along. How­ever, it is ad­vis­able to have some­one as­sist you with make-up, un­less you’re go­ing for a par­tic­u­larly nat­u­ral look.

Right NAT­U­RAL The ini­tial im­age be­fore any re­touch­ing, cap­tured us­ing a sim­ple home studio setup Far right FI­NALISED IM­AGE This is the fi­nal re­sult of all the re­touch­ing steps, along with light and colour cor­rec­tions

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