Top black and white pho­tog­ra­phers pro­duce work that’s eas­ily iden­ti­fi­able and recog­nis­able

Digital Photograper - - Techniques -

This is ob­vi­ously true of colour pho­tog­ra­phy as well as black and white, but it’s hard to do if you are chiefly us­ing black and white as a means of res­cu­ing failed colour cap­tures. But it may still be par­tic­u­larly true of black and white. The best black and white pho­tog­ra­phers are gen­er­ally known for their dis­tinc­tive look, a cer­tain some­thing that their pho­tos al­ways have that marks their work out as theirs. Part of the rea­son for this is that, if you are able to achieve a con­sis­tent look in your work, it prob­a­bly means you’ve honed in on and, to some ex­tent mas­tered, a par­tic­u­lar tech­nique or set of tech­niques.

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