Keep it fresh and avoid dis­trac­tions

Digital Photograper - - Interview -

When it comes to shoot­ing minia­tures, Ashra­ful says com­ing up with new ideas is a con­stant chal­lenge. “Still-life is such a pop­u­lar genre, and so many things have been done many times. So some­times it’s a bit hard to come up with some­thing fresh.

“I have one rule for my­self: I don’t have to cre­ate some­thing new ev­ery time. When I find an in­ter­est­ing sub­ject to shoot, I try to shoot it in my way. It’s all about adding your thoughts and cre­ativ­ity to it.

“An­other chal­lenge I face when shoot­ing out­doors: liv­ing in a crowded city, it’s hard to find a nice back­ground and a place to shoot. Of­ten peo­ple walk into the frame and there are other dis­tract­ing el­e­ments. So I take dif­fer­ent shots of the back­ground with­out peo­ple or any­thing dis­tract­ing and later com­pos­ite them with the main im­age. Shoot­ing with a large aper­ture like f1.8 helps to blur the back­ground and min­imise dis­tract­ing el­e­ments.”

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