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Digital SLR Photography - - The Location Guide -

and aza­leas add some beau­ti­ful colour to the wood­land. How­ever, the area can be pho­tographed well at al­most any time of year and, like all wood­lands, looks in­cred­i­bly at­mo­spheric when choked with mist and fog.

At the south­ern- edge of Rhinefi eld Or­na­men­tal Drive is one of the for­est’s most beau­ti­ful wood­land river set­tings. At Put­tles Bridge, Ober Wa­ter slowly me­an­ders through beau­ti­ful oak wood­land. A large car park and a foot­bridge pro­vide easy ac­cess to pho­to­graph the river from both banks.

Mov­ing away from the wood­lands, the huge ex­panses of open heath­land o er a very di er­ent fl avour to the New For­est. While these ar­eas make won­der­ful places to roam, for much of the year they are too fea­ture­less to o er sig­nifi cant pho­to­graphic po­ten­tial. The ex­cep­tions to this rule are late sum­mer and cold win­ter snaps. In late sum­mer huge ar­eas of the heath turn vivid pink and pur­ple when the na­tive heather is in fl ower. Although very ap­peal­ing, the heather on its own is usu­ally not enough to make for a strong land­scape pho­to­graph; for­tu­nately you can usu­ally fi nd pho­to­genic lone pine and oc­ca­sion­ally birch trees grow­ing on the heath to com­plete com­po­si­tions. If trees don’t ap­peal, look for the char­ac­ter­is­tic free- roam­ing ponies to in­clude in your com­po­si­tion. Any area of heath­land is ideal at this time of year, but with its un­du­lat­ing ter­rain and soli­tary trees Rock­ford Com­mon is of par­tic­u­lar ap­peal.

Dur­ing cold win­ter snaps, the heath­land once again takes pri­or­ity for land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy. Snow is un­usual in the for­est and should be cher­ished if you are lucky enough to ex­pe­ri­ence it. Frost is a more com­mon oc­cur­rence and gives the heather and de­cay­ing bracken a de­light­ful su­gar- coated ap­pear­ance that makes the land­scape ir­re­sistible to pho­to­graph. The best- known area in the for­est for heath­land pho­tog­ra­phy is prob­a­bly Brat­ley View, just past Bold­er­wood. For many years land­scape pho­tog­ra­phers have fl ocked to pho­to­graph the beau­ti­fully- shaped pine tree just be­side



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