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We love short­cuts when it comes to im­age edit­ing – any­thing that speeds up pro­cess­ing and gets you away from the com­puter and back be­hind your cam­era can only be a good thing, right? Here’s a nice trick for Light­room users – when us­ing the Ad­just­ment Brush, Spot Re­moval or Red Eye Cor­rec­tion tools, did you know that you can ad­just the brush size and feather with a sin­gle fin­ger on your mouse? If you’re us­ing a mouse with a cen­tre scroll wheel sim­ply roll it back and forth when us­ing any of these tools to quickly ad­just the brush or tool Size. If you want to change the Feather of the tool, just hold down the Shift key and re­peat. For Ap­ple users us­ing a Magic Mouse ( with no scroll wheel), sim­ply trace your fin­ger left, right, up or down to ad­just the Size in the same way, or hold Shift, as above, to ad­just the Feather. You’re wel­come!

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