Re­view­ing the his­togram

Digital SLR Photography - - The Beginner's Guide -

when re­view­ing the im­age on the lcd mon­i­tor, and also us­ing the his­togram as a guide to ex­po­sure, you must bear in mind the tonal char­ac­ter­is­tics of the scene you've shot. in the ex­am­ple of this page, the im­age has vir­tu­ally no highlights, only a small amount of mid- tone ( our sub­ject's face) and an ex­ten­sive area of dark tones ( the wooden garage doors). There­fore, if cor­rectly ex­posed, the his­togram should be weighted to the left, as the ma­jor­ity of tones are in this shadow area, with a peak in the mid­dle re­gion that rep­re­sents the sub­ject's face.

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