Keep your kit dry!

Digital SLR Photography - - Water -

Wa­ter and elec­tron­ics are far from the per­fect pair but Nikon has gone a long way to pro­tect­ing its gear from the rain. Of course if you plan to sub­merge your cam­era or wade in the wa­ter, we’d rec­om­mend us­ing an un­der­wa­ter housing, but for shoot­ing in wet weather or on a coast­line Nikon’s D7200 has im­pres­sive en­vi­ron­men­tal seal­ing, as does the D610 and D750. There’s no point hav­ing a great DSLR, though, if your lens is leaky so be sure that it too is weather- re­sis­tant like the AF- S 50mm f/ 1.8 and 55- 300mm f/ 4- 5.6 VR. No cam­era or lens is com­pletely wa­ter­tight, so al­ways take extra pre­cau­tions to not ex­pose your gear un­nec­es­sar­ily.

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