Switch to Sin­gle- point AF!

Digital SLR Photography - - The Beginner's Guide -

Sub­jects wear­ing a peaked cap or hat are of­ten pho­tographed out of fo­cus as the multi- point AF locks onto the head­wear pro­trud­ing in front of the face. The eas­i­est so­lu­tion is to switch to sin­gle- point AF and fo­cus on one of the sub­ject's eyes. It's worth us­ing a re­flec­tor in these sit­u­a­tions too, to re­move shade caused by the peak.

Inset above: Multi- point AF fo­cuses on the hat's peak. Main: Sin­gle- point AF en­sures per­fect fo­cus on the face, while a white re­flec­tor gives much needed light.

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