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The Pho­tog­ra­pher's Ephemeris app is pop­u­lar with out­door pho­tog­ra­phers – by in­putting a lo­ca­tion and any date you can see sun and moon rise and set times and di­rec­tions, along with the an­gle of the sun and moon in re­la­tion to the hori­zon at any given time. It's now even more use­ful, as a 3D ver­sion has been re­leased! By ad­ding in ter­rain data, and al­low­ing you to move around the map in 3D, you can see ex­actly when an area will be in sun or shade, and even plan for the ex­act mo­ment the sun or moon will ap­pear over a hill – or even the po­si­tion of the Milky Way in re­la­tion to the land­scape! TPE 3D is avail­able on the IOS App Store for £ 20. pho­toephemeris. com

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