Digital SLR Photography - - Editing Skills -

When you open a Raw file in Pho­to­shop it loads in a sep­a­rate part of the soft­ware called Adobe Cam­era Raw, or ACR. This part of the soft­ware al­lows you to make un­lim­ited, non­de­struc­tive changes to the Raw file be­fore you open the file in the main part of Pho­to­shop to fin­ish your edit­ing. How­ever, did you know that once you click on ‘ Open Im­age’ in ACR, those Raw ad­just­ments are ‘ baked’ into the file that you’re work­ing on, so if you change your mind then you can’t go back and change them with­out reload­ing the Raw file and start­ing over? There is, how­ever, a hid­den op­tion that’s so use­ful you’ll won­der why it isn’t turned on as stan­dard. If you hold down the Shift key in ACR, you’ll no­tice that ' Open Im­age' changes to ' Open Ob­ject' – this hid­den op­tion loads the Raw file, com­plete with your changes, into Pho­to­shop as a Smart Ob­ject. Be­ing a Smart Ob­ject, this then al­lows you to go back and forth be­tween Pho­to­shop and ACR as many times as you like to re- edit the Raw file. To do this, sim­ply dou­ble- click on the layer thumb­nail in the Lay­ers pal­ette in Pho­to­shop.

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