Digital SLR Photography - - Editing Skills -

Many peo­ple pre­fer Adobe Cam­era Raw's in­ter­face to the reg­u­lar Pho­to­shop lay­out. For pho­tog­ra­phy, with­out any com­plex layer blend­ing or com­posit­ing, it’s ar­guably ev­ery­thing you’ll ever need. How­ever what if the im­age that you want to edit isn’t a Raw file? Are you stuck with reg­u­lar Pho­to­shop at this point? Well, no – you can still use ACR in fact. With your im­age open in Pho­to­shop and your im­age layer ac­tive in the Lay­ers pal­ette, go to Fil­ter> Cam­era Raw Fil­ter. This opens up the im­age in ACR no mat­ter what file type it is. Now, this doesn’t mirac­u­lously give you the abil­ity to edit JPEGS as if they were Raw files – you’re still un­der the edit­ing lim­i­ta­tions of JPEGS, how­ever you can en­joy the sim­pli­fied in­ter­face and pow­er­ful tools no mat­ter what file type you’re work­ing on! It’s worth not­ing that once you click OK in ACR, those changes are then ' baked' into the im­age, and can’t be re- edited or un­done, un­less you fol­low the steps be­low to con­vert for Smart Fil­ters first.

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