au­to­mo­tive ex­pert Jor­dan But­ters

Digital SLR Photography - - Expert Critique -

“Light­ing black cars is re­ally hard work. The trap many peo­ple fall into when light- paint­ing is that they don't give the light a di­rec­tion, so you end up with a multi- di­rec­tional light source that doesn't make sense. Geoff, how­ever, has used am­bi­ent light­ing, I'm guess­ing from a street lamp, to es­tab­lish a key light di­rec­tion, and then light- painted to fill in the shad­ows and craft the car's shape. It's re­ally very well done – there's a lovely sep­a­ra­tion be­tween the paint­work and the shadow op­po­site the key light. The in­te­rior light is a nice touch too. Geoff has han­dled pro­cess­ing well with great ton­ing and by hid­ing most of the light streaks, although a few still re­main on the left of the bon­net/ wing. These are eas­ily re­moved, as shown to the left. I've also spent a few min­utes with the Patch tool clean­ing up the light 'pings' around the car, and I've cre­ated a catch­light on the right of the bon­net, which was lack­ing a bit of shape.”

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