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price: free / plat­form: ios and an­droid If you’re an en­thu­si­ast pho­tog­ra­pher vy­ing to get your im­ages no­ticed, or a pro­fes­sional want­ing to find new clients and a wider au­di­ence, then so­cial me­dia is one of the most cost- ef­fec­tive ways of get­ting your im­ages seen by po­ten­tially mil­lions of eye­balls. Within the realm of so­cial me­dia there are plenty of plat­forms to choose from, but ar­guably one of the most pop­u­lar op­tions at present is In­sta­gram. The prob­lem is that feed­ing the so­cial me­dia beast be­comes a full- time job in it­self – in order to run a suc­cess­ful ac­count you need to post good- qual­ity con­tent reg­u­larly and then en­gage with not only your own fol­low­ers, but also ac­tively use the plat­form to like, com­ment and fol­low other peo­ple too. So when are we sup­posed to find time to take pho­tos?! Thank­fully, Later can help with the so­cial me­dia side of things. See­ing as the of­fi­cial In­sta­gram app doesn’t al­low you to sched­ule posts in ad­vance, Later has filled a void. By load­ing your im­ages into the app, you can write cap­tions, add hash­tags and sched­ule im­ages to post at any day and time. Now, due to In­sta­gram’s API, Later can’t post di­rectly to the plat­form for you, but rather it sends you a no­ti­fi­ca­tion at the time you’ve sched­uled the post to go live. You then open Later, which copies the cap­tion and im­age across to In­sta­gram, al­low­ing you to hit the ‘ Share’ but­ton man­u­ally.

In prac­tice, it works very well, and is a big help in keep­ing your so­cial me­dia ac­counts look­ing well- stocked and ac­tive. Even bet­ter, for sin­gle- ac­count users want­ing to post up to 30 times per month it’s com­pletely free, with power user and busi­ness ac­counts of­fer­ing more op­tions and start­ing at USD $ 9 per month. If you want to get on top of your ‘ gram­ming', then it’s well worth a shot.

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