work­shop sum­mary: Mez Solanki

Digital SLR Photography - - The Photo Workshop -

“The chal­lenges fo­cused on how to use light ef­fec­tively when shoot­ing in strong sun­light, and it quickly be­came clear that the lo­ca­tion was an in­cred­i­bly im­por­tant fac­tor. The flash chal­lenge was at a time where the sun was al­most at its peak, but be­hind the sub­ject. We used the octabox to fill in the shad­ows enough to still look like it was nat­u­rally lit. The sec­ond chal­lenge was con­trol­ling light us­ing a slower shut­ter speed, us­ing an ND fil­ter to help cap­ture mo­tion blur. This was harder than it looks as it was all about tim­ing and trial and er­ror. There were so many vari­ables we had to ac­count for un­til per­se­ver­ance paid off. The fi­nal chal­lenge was un­der trees and pro­vided great dap­pled light, suc­cess­fully con­trolled us­ing a re­flec­tor. Each chal­lenge had its own com­plex­i­ties and with help from James, I was able to learn how to over­come a va­ri­ety of harsh light­ing con­di­tions.”

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