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Price: £ 615 ( non- TTL ver­sion £ 450) Trig­ger: Pixapro ST- III TTL- T, £ 45 Power: 600Ws ( IGBT- reg­u­lated) Light out­put ( ISO 100): Tested max power f/ 32 + 0.0 Re­cy­cle time: Tested 2.6secs to 100% charge ( 1.8secs with mains adapter) Bat­tery ca­pac­ity: Ap­prox 500 max power flashes, 8700mah lithium bat­tery Flash du­ra­tions ( t. 1): Tested max power 1/ 190sec, 1/ 8th power 1/ 2450sec, min 1/ 256th power 1/ 9050sec Colour: Tested 6400- 7200K Auto- TTL con­trol: Yes, for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fu­ji­film, Olym­pus/ Pana­sonic High- Speed Sync: Tested out­put max EV16.5 Sec­ond- cur­tain sync: Yes Strobo multi- flash: Yes Trig­ger/ Re­mote con­trol: In­te­gral ra­dio re­ceiver, op­ti­cal slave, sync port Mod­el­ling lamp: 10w LED, tested max EV5.3 Fan cooled: Yes Mod­i­fier fit­ting: S- type Di­men­sions: 25x22x13cm ( main body inc bat­tery), Weight 2.7kg War­ranty: Two years Web­site: www. es­sen­tialphoto. co. uk

IF IT’S POWER you’re want­ing, the CITI600 TTL of­fers a whop­ping 600Ws, in a very well made and com­pact pack­age stuffed with top- spec fea­tures. To get the most out of the CITI600 though, a low- pro­file speedring mount adapter is needed as the flash tube is more re­cessed than other S- type heads. We used a Dy­na­sun mount adapter (£ 12, ebay) that also has a pol­ished sur­face as op­posed to a dull grey al­loy, and it was fit­ted from the in­side fac­ing out, to po­si­tion the flash tube a cou­ple of cms fur­ther for­ward. Thus cleared of ob­struc­tions, out­put im­me­di­ately jumped by 0.4 stops to f/ 32 + 0.0 at full power – in line with ex­pec­ta­tions for 600Ws at ISO 100.

In HSS mode, we got an equally meaty EV16.5, a high fig­urefi gure that puts the CITI600 well up on the list for out­doors ac­tion. For com­ments on the Pixapro trig­ger op­tions, see the Hy­brid360 re­view.

The 10w LED mod­el­ling lamp is the bright­est here at EV5.3, and while that's still a stop or so down on a good mains pow­ered stu­dioflash, it's per­fectly ad­e­quate as a work­ing light and greatly en­hances the CITI600' s func­tion­al­ity as a to­tal light­ing so­lu­tion. Flash du­ra­tions tend to get longer as power goes up, and true to form the CITI600 TTL de­liv­ered t. 1 times of 1/ 185sec at full power, down to 1/ 9050sec at 1/ 256th out­put. That's a huge range of nine stops, and very use­ful to have, but un­sur­pris­ingly colour bal­ance tends slightly to­wards blue at min­i­mum power, though eas­ily cor­rected.

Some no­table op­tional ex­tras in­clude a (£ 70) 2.4m ex­ten­sion head ( shown above), which turns the CITI600 into a two- piece unit ( shoul­der bag, £ 20) sim­i­lar to the Pixapro Hy­brid360, and is also ideal on a boom stand. The in­evitable power loss in the ca­ble is only 0.2 stops. Then there's a (£ 130) mains adapter that clips on in place of the bat­tery ( good for 500 full power pops) and re­duces the re­cy­cle time from a re­spectable 2.6secs at full power down to a nippy 1.8secs. If 600Ws isn't enough, then a head is avail­able that cou­ples two CITI600 units for 1200Ws! We'll be test­ing this soon.

Above: The op­tional ex­ten­sion head trans­forms the CITI600 TTL into a two- piece bat­tery and head stu­dioflash.

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