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When it comes to buy­ing new kit, try­ing be­fore you buy is tricky. Or­der­ing online gives you no chance to get hands on, and if you do – heaven for­bid – visit a bricks- and- mor­tar shop, then a quick test un­der the watch­ful eye of a sale as­sis­tant usu­ally isn’t long enough to try out a prod­uct prop­erly. Rent­ing be­fore you buy, how­ever, is a great way to save money. Not only can you bor­row rather than buy if you need some­thing for the odd oc­ca­sion, but you can also use rent­ing to see how you get on with new kit. To make the prospect even more ap­peal­ing, the folks over at Hirea­cam­era have re­cently added up to 30% dis­count on their stan­dard daily rates when you hire a cam­era for four days or longer. That means while it might cost you £ 77 to hire a Canon EOS 5D Mk III for a day, it only costs £ 204 to hire the same model for an en­tire week. For more de­tails on long term hire, and all of Hirea­cam­era’s in­ven­tory, visit: www. hirea­cam­era. com

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