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“I tend to avoid sweep­ing state­ments about what I do and don't like when it comes to edit­ing styles, as I feel that it's often down to the na­ture of each im­age. For most im­ages, I tend to err on the side of a more nat­u­ral edit­ing ap­proach, but for dy­namic and graphic im­ages such as Moe's fan­tas­tic sub­mis­sion here, I think a bit more cre­ative edit­ing def­i­nitely has its place. The scene it­self is quite sur­real, al­most as if it's some­thing out of a TV show or movie set, and this is ex­ag­ger­ated by the wide field- ofview. While Moe's colour ver­sion looks great, a few min­utes spent in Nik Soft­ware's Sil­ver Efex Pro pro­duced the out­come to the left – the strong, di­rect light suited a boost in con­trast while the mono­chrome con­ver­sion high­lights the strong lead- in lines. Some se­lec­tive dodg­ing and burn­ing to add drama to the sky and the re­sult is some­thing very dif­fer­ent to Moe's orig­i­nal. Which do you pre­fer?”

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