Fil­ters For wide- an­gles

Digital SLR Photography - - The Beginner ’s Guide -

Be­cause wide- an­gle lenses take in such a large field- of- view, you need to be care­ful when choos­ing and us­ing fil­ters with them. If you pick the wrong type or size of fil­ter you can soon en­counter vignetting, caused by the lens cap­tur­ing the fil­ter ring it­self in the frame! What’s more, the bul­bous na­ture of some ul­tra wide- an­gles and fish- eye lenses means that spe­cial­ist fil­ter sys­tems are re­quired to avoid the fil­ter com­ing into con­tact with the front el­e­ment, while keep­ing the fil­ter holder out of shot. If us­ing screw- on fil­ters, opt for the slim­line va­ri­ety, if avail­able – these fea­ture a thin­ner fil­ter ring so as to min­imise vignetting. Sys­tem hold­ers, on the other hand, are usu­ally suf­fi­ciently over­sized to avoid creep­ing into shot, how­ever you can be lim­ited to how many slots you can have on your fil­ter holder be­fore it gets seen by the lens. Worst- case sce­nario, you can al­ways crop into your im­ages to avoid vignetting at the very edges.

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