Digital SLR Photography - - The Beginner ’s Guide -

Some scenes, es­pe­cially in­te­ri­ors, are well suited to panoramics when it’s im­pos­si­ble to cap­ture the whole scene in a sin­gle frame. While you can cap­ture a panorama us­ing longer lenses to re­duce dis­tor­tion, you’ll in­clude far more de­tail with a lot less frames us­ing a wide- an­gle lens at around 22mm. Start by take a shot of your hand point­ing in the di­rec­tion you’ll be shoot­ing so you know your first im­age. Con­tinue to take your pic­tures keep­ing the ex­po­sure, White Bal­ance and fo­cus set to man­ual so each frame is con­sis­tent, and over­lap each im­age by a third for a seam­less stitch. Re­mem­ber to shoot up as well as around. Ideally you’ll use a tri­pod with a panoramic head to keep it level, if al­lowed. Once you’ve reached your fin­ish­ing point, take an­other pic­ture of your hand to book­mark the end of the cy­cle. In Pho­to­shop, merge the se­lected files ( File> Au­to­mate> Pho­tomerge) us­ing Auto, tick­ing Geo­met­ric Dis­tor­tion Cor­rec­tion. Once pro­cess­ing has fin­ished, you can crop, flat­ten and save.

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