Land­scape ex­pert He­len Dixon

Digital SLR Photography - - Expert Critique -

“I re­ally like Steven's shot. He has man­aged to cap­ture all of the el­e­ments for a suc­cess­ful land­scape im­age; it’s a vis­ual feast for the eyes! The S– shaped path­way works a treat as it sends the eye from left to right and through the en­tire scene and be­yond. Steven used a po­lariser here and that has elim­i­nated re­flec­tions on the fo­liage and en­hances the colours in the scene, how­ever this also presents a down­side as it has in­tro­duced an un­even dark­en­ing of the sky. In this case I would have opted not to use it as the sky is al­ready nat­u­rally dark. The im­age is slightly un­der­ex­posed too, but can be res­cued in post. The tree is po­si­tioned nicely within the frame but, for me, the dis­tant hill is where my eye leads me and it sits a lit­tle too cen­tral. A com­po­si­tional shift, plac­ing the hill to the left could have bal­anced the scene. All in all Steven did a great job; it’s in­ter­est­ing through­out the whole scene, good job Steven!”


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