Man­frotto XUME Fil­ter Adapters

Mag­netic fil­ter hold­ers / Avail­able in eight di­am­e­ters from 49mm to 82mm

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Price: Hold­ers from £ 10 / Kits from £ 35 Web­site: www. man­frotto. co. uk

FIL­TERS AREN’T NOR­MALLY an area of pho­to­graphic kit that sees too much in­no­va­tion. Oc­ca­sion­ally we'll see new ma­te­ri­als used in their con­struc­tion and a new type of mul­ti­coat­ing but, in gen­eral, not a huge amount changes.

The an­nounce­ment by Man­frotto ear­lier this year of its ac­qui­si­tion of US- based firm Xume was soon fol­lowed by the re­lease of a range of adapters and hold­ers that al­low fil­ters to be eas­ily and quickly swapped from lens to lens.

How it works is in­cred­i­bly sim­ple. A steel adapter is screwed on to the rear of the fil­ter and a mag­ne­tised ring is screwed on to the front of the lens. This al­lows the fil­ter to be at­tached sim­ply by hold­ing it close to the holder – the force of the mag­netism is strong enough to hold the fil­ter in place, yet it's easy to re­move by a slight pull. In­vest in hold­ers and rings for your most com­monly used fil­ters and lenses and you'll be able to quickly swap fil­ters with­out hav­ing to un­screw them from one lens and screw­ing on to another. This is ideal when you need to at­tach or swap fil­ters quickly and is also very use­ful when you need to use fil­ters in ex­tremely cold weather.

The hold­ers and adapters are very well made with a matte black fin­ish that matches most lenses. There are no mark­ings on them stat­ing di­am­e­ters, which is some­thing I hope is cor­rected on the next gen­er­a­tion to make them eas­ier to iden­tify.

The holder and rings to­gether have a sim­i­lar width to a stan­dard fil­ter, so this raises the ques­tion of whether there is a risk of vi­gnetting when used with wider fo­cal lengths. We re­viewed a 77mm holder and ring with a Man­frotto cir­cu­lar po­lar­is­ing fil­ter and tried them on a Canon EF 17- 40mm f/ 4L lens to check for this po­ten­tial prob­lem. By pho­tograph­ing a white wall with and with­out the XUME set- up, it was pos­si­ble to check to see if the cor­ners of the frames were darker – a clear sign of vi­gnetting. I found there was no prob­lem at all. I'd sug­gest that you do a sim­i­lar trial with your own kit.

The cost of the XUME ac­ces­sories isn't too ex­pen­sive, al­though it's not that dis­sim­i­lar to buy­ing a fil­ter. A 49mm lens adapter is around £ 25, fil­ter holder £ 10 or kit with both for £ 35. Other sizes of adapters and hold­ers are sim­i­lar in price, with the most ex­pen­sive be­ing the 82mm XUME, cost­ing £ 30 for the lens adapter, £ 13 for the fil­ter holder and £ 43 for the kit.

The XUME sys­tem is a fiendishly sim­ple idea that proves to work ex­tremely well.

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