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ON 15 SEPTEM­BER, NASA’S Cassini space probe bid us a fond farewell as it broke up upon en­try into Saturn’s at­mos­phere, but not be­fore it trans­mit­ted one fi­nal hur­ried im­age – the clos­est ever taken of the gas gi­ant. The part­ing shot doesn’t show us much that Cassini hasn't re­vealed in its 13- year or­bit of Saturn, in­clud­ing the im­pres­sive cap­ture above, taken on its penul­ti­mate day in or­bit. Dur­ing its time, the im­ages from Cassini re­vealed more de­tail and in­for­ma­tion about Saturn’s rings and moons than ever be­fore, fu­elling the fire of space ex­plo­ration for decades to come.

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