ANATOMY of A Tri­pod

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1) Height: op­ti­mum height puts the cam­era at shoul­der level, so you can see all the con­trols. 130cm- ish suits most peo­ple.

2) Min­i­mum height: Apart from re­duc­ing the legs, op­tions for low work­ing in­clude set­ting a wider leg an­gle, a re­versible or ar­tic­u­lat­ing cen­tre- col­umn.

3) Leg sec­tions: More sec­tions give ex­tra height and/ or shorter closed length, but more joints can re­duce rigid­ity.

4) Leg an­gle: stan­dard leg an­gle is around 22°. slightly wider an­gles in­crease sta­bil­ity with a big­ger foot­print, nar­rower an­gles in­crease height.

5) Leg an­gle ad­justers: Usu­ally two ex­tra an­gle op­tions, plus stan­dard an­gle, to get down low, or to help level the tri­pod on un­even ground.

6) Ma­te­rial: Car­bon- fi­bre is ideal, strong and light, but more ex­pen­sive than alu­minium. it also ab­sorbs vi­bra­tion bet­ter. 7) Mono­pod con­ver­sion: Un­screw one leg, bolt it to the cen­tre- col­umn and you have a nice tall mono­pod. 8) Foam rub­ber grip: warmer in win­ter, and more com­fort­able for car­ry­ing, ei­ther in the hand or rest­ing on your shoul­der. 9) Cen­tre- col­umn: Con­ve­nient for ex­tra height, but re­duces sta­bil­ity. Best avoided with a heavy rig. Usu­ally re­versible to use cam­era up­side- down. 10) Ar­tic­u­lat­ing col­umn: For awk­ward an­gles, but at full stretch can un­bal­ance the tri­pod.

11) Leg locks: Levers are fast and easy, but twist- col­lars are more ro­bust and less likely to catch on things. Per­sonal choice re­ally. 12) Uni­ver­sal head mount: stan­dard 3/ 8in thread means dif­fer­ent tri­pod heads can be freely in­ter­changed.

13) Bal­last hook: For hang­ing ex­tra weight, like a cam­era bag, for in­creased sta­bil­ity.

14) Spirit level: To keep your hori­zons straight.

15) Feet: stan­dard rub­ber feet can of­ten be ex­changed for spikes. some feet in­cor­po­rate both op­tions in one.

Leg mark­ings: Usu­ally in cen­time­tre in­cre­ments, as a handy ref­er­ence for ad­just­ing height and lev­el­ling.

Carry hook: Al­ways handy, to at­tach a shoul­der strap, or ca­ble re­lease etc. Ac­ces­sory port: A 3/ 8in or 1/ 4in threaded socket to at­tach an ipad or magic arm.

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