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Pho­to­shop can fo­cus stack im­ages for you, but it some­times masks the dif­fer­ent im­ages poorly to show strange ar­eas of blur where they should be sharp. It’s still worth giv­ing it a try be­cause some­times it does a fan­tas­tic job, but if it doesn’t, you can stack your im­ages man­u­ally. The man­ual method is re­ally sim­ple. To try the au­to­mated fea­ture in Pho­to­shop, stack the im­ages in the same way as step one. Hold down Shift and left click to se­lect all lay­ers. Then go to

Edit> Auto- Blend Lay­ers and se­lect Stack Im­ages. Make sure Seam­less Tones and Colors is checked and press OK.

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