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Travel can leave you feel­ing stressed, stiff and un­com­fort­able, es­pe­cially if it in­cludes long hours of sit­ting still in a con­fined space. Beat the cramp and find in­ner calm with this four-step guide to air­plane yoga by on-de­mand yoga app Yo­gi2me ( yo­


Deep breaths are your most pow­er­ful tool for calm­ing the ner­vous sys­tem. Get com­fort­able and breathe in through your nose, from your ab­domen, hold­ing the breath for a few sec­onds. Ex­hale through your mouth and re­peat five times.


Side twists detox­ify the body. Place your hands in prayer in front of your heart, bring your right el­bow to your left thigh, stay that way for five breaths, re­turn to the cen­tre and re­peat on the right side.


Find a space to stand up at the back of the plane. In­hale and open your arms to­wards the ceil­ing, ex­hale and fold your body for­ward, try­ing to reach the floor with your hands. Let the head hang fully, close your eyes and let your thoughts go. Re­mem­ber to take care when get­ting back up, slowly.


Re­cline your seat, close your eyes and stretch out un­der your blan­ket, pop­ping on your eye mask and earplugs for ex­tra re­lax­ation. Na­maste.

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