March comes in like a lion with Venus in randy Aries and out like a lamb as Mars moves and grooves in Tau­rus. Or is it out like broiled lamb chops? Yum yum.

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(21 MARCH-20 APRIL) Aries’ nat­u­rally lusty and busty man­ner may shift into over­drive now with some sur­pris­ing re­sults. Those who do not know you well may de­cide to get to know you bet­ter. But you can also make a rather brash and bold first im­pres­sion which may rub some ladies the wrong way. The only way to get the rub­bing right is to prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice, I say.


(21 APRIL-21 MAY) Ex­pect some mixed love mis­sives this month, Tau­rus. There is so much static go­ing on in the back­ground that sweet noth­ings can sound like burps. Keep your good sense of hu­mour and ride the waves of lust wear­ing a wet­suit. All will be­come ap­par­ent by the spring but by then you may find your­self do­ing the doggy pad­dle in­stead of the breast stroke.


(22 MAY-21 JUNE) Gal pals try to get into your act. Will you go with the so­cial flow and let them con­trol the ac­tion or will you strain to go off the leash? Gem­i­nis usu­ally have lots of pa­tience and an easy-go­ing style. Let’s see where your girl­friends lead you and then you can de­cide if you want to go off-course. Who knows? They may lead you to fes­tiv­i­ties, fun, frol­ics and flir­ta­tions.


(22 JUNE-23 JULY) You have been putting in a great ef­fort at work and now it is time to reap the re­wards… or so you be­lieve. If you de­cide to push for the good­ies, try to care­fully craft your mes­sage, Can­cer. Some of your re­quests might up­set the up­per man­age­ment un­in­ten­tion­ally. Smooth, easy and slow will win the golden prize. And that phi­los­o­phy goes for both work and in love.


(24 JULY-23 AUG) Travel may be more trou­ble than it’s worth, Li­on­ess, as your Love Boat may un­ex­pect­edly scut­tle or drift off-course now. In­stead of seek­ing ex­otic, un­usual ex­pe­ri­ences, stick to the tried and true for the time be­ing. You may even find that there is some­thing lux­u­ri­ous and sexy in the fa­mil­iar. And with a cer­tain you-know-who, you should def­i­nitely get very, very fa­mil­iar now.


(24 AUG-23 SEPT) Vir­gos are hot to trot with ev­ery nu­bile lassie in town. But your sexy ar­dour needs to be care­fully cu­rated and doled out with care. Your eyes may be too big for your stom­ach and you may take on too much ac­tion that dis­si­pates your en­er­gies. The amours that you col­lect now can have long-term hap­pi­ness im­pact. You don’t want a slip­shod courtship, do you? Slip­pery per­haps.


(24 SEPT-23 OCT) Is there a cer­tain lady who lights up your life? If so, spend the next few weeks mak­ing her the cen­tre of your galaxy. If you are cur­rently search­ing for your soul­mate, it is a great time to ex­plore the cos­mos and its as­sorted grav­i­ta­tional pulls. Life will be ex­cit­ing no mat­ter what, Li­bra. But you have to de­cide if your heart wants to walk on solid ground or float on clouds.


(24 OCT-22 NOV) As much as you may want to clear off your desk and get things done, there will be dis­trac­tions, di­ver­sions and de­tours now. This could stress you out but try to em­brace the anar­chy in­stead, Scorpio. There is some­thing nice about not sweat­ing all of this small stuff. Bet­ter to sweat it out with some­one who can strut her stuff. Now THAT is re­lax­ing!


(23 NOV-22 DEC) You are burst­ing with cre­ative ideas, Sagit­tar­ius. But what does that re­ally mean if all you do is dream, dream, dream? You have to get off your butt and make things hap­pen. Get prac­ti­cal and strate­gise ways to make your great ideas into per­sonal mas­ter­pieces. And try to get very per­sonal (and very cre­ative) with a cer­tain lovely lady. March forth… if not be­fore!


(23 DEC-20 JAN) Make cer­tain re­la­tions even closer now, Capri­corn. There are still a few ar­eas of dis­agree­ment but you have the ca­pac­ity and the diplo­macy to bridge any wide gap. Is your do­mes­tic agenda in need of an over­haul? If so, you muster the en­ergy to get it done. In­vite a few help­ing hands to make any move even more ex­cit­ing. How ex­cited will you get with all of these hands? Hmm.


(21 JAN-19 FEB) Aquee­ri­ans feel the need to get more in­volved with lo­cal is­sues whether in pol­i­tics or char­i­ta­ble en­deav­ours. You pos­sess great re­serves of per­sonal charisma and can gather a pas­sion­ate posse with your ideas and elo­quence. Draw up your man­i­festo and take to the streets now. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Tick tock, honey.


(20 FEB-20 MARCH) All that glit­ters is not gold but a lit­tle flashy flush can sway a few hearts now. Gup­pies are pure ro­man­tics. But what is more ro­man­tic than a lux­u­ri­ous li­ai­son in some ex­trav­a­gant lo­cale? Sway your lover­gr­rrl with a splurge and see how grate­ful she will be­come. For those seek­ing their soul­mate, check out some well-en­dowed babes and see who over­flows your cup.

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