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We know and love them for their hi­lar­i­ous vlogs, but now Youtube’s premier mar­ried cou­ple are com­ing live to a stage near you as they em­bark on their first ever UK tour. Not only that, they’ve only gone and won the DIVA Award for En­ter­tain­ment Per­son­al­ity, as voted for by you. Th­ese tal­ented, side-split­ting women seem to have the world at their feet. We caught up with Rose and Rosie to find out more.

DIVA: First of all, huge con­grat­u­la­tions on win­ning the DIVA Award for En­ter­tain­ment Per­son­al­ity! How does it feel?

ROSIE: When we started to do YouTube, we were just mess­ing around in our bed­rooms and we never thought we’d be win­ning awards. It re­ally does mean the world to us. ROSE: It’s a tes­ta­ment to how loyal our sub­scribers are. They re­ally are there for us in ev­ery­thing.

We’re so ex­cited about you guys go­ing on tour. What can you re­veal about the show?

ROSIE: Ex­pect the un­ex­pected. ROSE: We’ve loosely scripted it but a lot of it’s go­ing to be very spon­ta­neous, raw, unedited – ROSIE: Just like our Youtube videos. We aim to take the screen away and make the au­di­ence feel like they’re in a live Youtube video. ROSE: And it’s go­ing to be quite heavy on the au­di­ence par­tic­i­pa­tion route. ROSIE: We’re go­ing to get loads of peo­ple up on­stage. We’ve got all sorts of games planned. Ooh, I can re­veal that there may or may not be a truth or dare seg­ment.

Do you find your fans are up for get­ting on­stage with you and play­ing games?

ROSE: As soon as we started telling peo­ple on Younow that we were go­ing to get peo­ple on­stage, the amount of of­fers we’ve had from peo­ple who want to take part has been ridicu­lous. ROSIE: Rose has promised she’s go­ing to kiss some­one. ROSE: I didn’t prom­ise! ROSIE: I promised! We were live on Younow and Rose said, “I’m gonna kiss some­one at a show,” and I said, “Fine, I’m gonna kiss some­one at a show”. ROSE: That was part of the Truth Or Dare seg­ment. We haven’t got an open mar­riage! ROSIE: And then this girl said, “I’ve never been kissed be­fore,” and I was like, “It’s a date”. ROSE: We re­ally do value our sub­scribers.

She’s go­ing to have the best first kiss story ever! ROSE: Or the worst!

Do you have plans to do a world tour if this goes well?

ROSIE: Def­i­nitely, noth­ing’s off lim­its. ROSE: We’re in the process of hope­fully get­ting all that sorted right now.

What do your fam­i­lies think about the tour?

ROSIE: Both our mums are re­ally sup­port­ive. I’ve got a 13-year- old sis­ter who is ob­sessed with Youtu­bers so my mum re­ally gets it and she watches all the videos. Rose’s mum loves it too. Her par­ents are com­ing to the Lon­don one and so is her sis­ter. Lots of peo­ple fancy Rose’s sis­ter, in­clud­ing me. ROSE: She’s re­ally good for my rep. ROSIE: She’s a big hit with the ladies.

Will she be get­ting in­volved in the truth or dare and on­stage kiss­ing shenani­gans?

ROSIE: Ooh, maybe. We vlog ev­ery­thing so she’ll def­i­nitely be, if not on­stage, in the be­hind-the-scenes. What’s great is she’s got a nor­mal ticket like ev­ery­one else. She could be sat by some lucky, lucky lady.

Do you have any pre-show rit­u­als?

ROSE: I panic like hell and then I just go for it. ROSIE: I al­ways do a lit­tle dance be­hind any cur­tain on­stage.

Wow, can you de­scribe the dance?

ROSIE: It’s called the Pen­guin. I flap my wings and twist my torso and bend my legs.

THE YOUTUBE SU­PER­COU­PLE OPEN UP TO ROXY BOUR­DIL­LON ABOUT THEIR DE­BUT TOUR, KISS­ING FANS AND WORLD DOM­I­NA­TION “We are go­ing to kiss peo­ple in this show. It’s truth or dare – we don’t have an open mar­riage!”

ROSE: It’s re­ally sexy.

Let’s talk meet and greets. What do you get out of them on a per­sonal level?

ROSIE: That’s our favourite part of be­ing Youtu­bers, meet­ing the peo­ple who are watch­ing the videos. ROSE: Peo­ple’s sto­ries re­ally are so touch­ing. ROSIE: Loads of peo­ple bring their mums as well. I love, love meet­ing the mums.

Have you had any par­tic­u­larly emo­tional or mem­o­rable fan mo­ments?

ROSE: Sum­mer In The City last year was a re­ally emo­tional meet and greet. We had a lot of peo­ple who were up­set, but in a pos­i­tive way. And lots of peo­ple’s mums came up and thanked us for help­ing their kids, which was emo­tional for me be­cause we’ve all gone through dif­fi­cult times whether it’s com­ing out or men­tal health. They said, “My daugh­ter was strug­gling and then she found the videos and she found a new en­ergy”.

How much does it mean to you both to have such a spe­cial place in the hearts and lives of so many peo­ple?

ROSE: Rosie and I are quite aware that we’d be noth­ing with­out our au­di­ence. They’ve seen our ups and our downs. We’re quite open about what we go through, as are they. They are such a good group of peo­ple. The way that we see them in­ter­act with each other on­line, some of them have even ended up get­ting en­gaged. To think we’ve fa­cil­i­tated peo­ple be­ing able to meet each other in a safe en­vi­ron­ment is so im­por­tant.

So you’ve been a kind of Rose and Rosie match­mak­ing ser­vice?

ROSIE: That’s right. And then when we were on Younow the other day some­one said, “I re­ally need you to find me a girl­friend when I go to your tour,” and then ev­ery­one was say­ing, “Find me a girl­friend!” So I think we’re go­ing to have to play Cupid. I love our fans get­ting to­gether. When we did the B2B meet-and-greet show, I heard that two girls got a ho­tel room af­ter­wards. And this is a much larger scale so hope­fully many ho­tel rooms will get booked up after our tour.

Here’s hop­ing! Do you have any oth- er ex­cit­ing projects in the pipe­line?

ROSIE: There are but I’m afraid we can’t yet re­veal them. You’ll just have to see what’s re­vealed on tour.

What’s your ul­ti­mate goal for the fu­ture? Do you dream of hav­ing a Rose and Rosie TV se­ries or film, or maybe a theme park?

ROSE: We’ve al­ways wanted to write our own Net­flix se­ries. ROSIE: We’re big Net­flix fans.

Fi­nally, this in­ter­view is go­ing in our Pol­i­tics is­sue. If you two ran the world, what laws would you make?

ROSIE: I would ban BO. It’s not ac­cept­able. It’s 2k17. Why is it still le­gal? ROSE: If we can en­force a law where we lit­er­ally just treat peo­ple how we want to be treated and have mu­tual re­spect, that would be great. ROSIE: But more im­por­tantly, no BO. ROSE: Kind­ness is free.

Kind­ness is free, de­odor­ant is cheap.

Rose & Rosie: Ex­posed is on 23-28 April. Tick­ets are avail­able at­va­ex­posed.

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