Pride, God, my fam­ily and me…

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I had an ex­tremely emo­tional ex­pe­ri­ence last Pride whilst watch­ing the pa­rade. I was over­come with some­thing I’d never quite felt be­fore. A mix­ture of both all-en­com­pass­ing sad­ness and joy. A smaller group of the pa­rade came past af­ter a lot of party floats and I’d no­ticed it was the Chris­tian party, who were all silently walk­ing through the busy pa­rade. A woman from the party proudly held up a sign say­ing, “I’m sorry for the way my peo­ple treated you” and I could feel my­self get­ting emo­tional about the beauty of what it meant. When I was 18, I came out to my fam­ily who are all Chris­tian. They weren’t very un­der­stand­ing or kind when I first came out, choosing to be­lieve I’d sim­ply lost my way or been hang­ing out with the wrong crowd. They thought some­thing was wrong with me and con­tin­ued to put thoughts in my head, seed­ing doubt about who I re­ally was and mak­ing me worry that, of course, liv­ing with a gay life­style would mean I’d never have eter­nal hap­pi­ness. Fast-for­ward to last year, nearly 10 years since I’d told them, and Im’ about to get mar­ried with bless­ings from (most) of them. Some of them have ac­tu­ally come to Pride to show how proud they all are. I guess, at that mo­ment watch­ing the pa­rade, I thought about how hard my com­ing out was but also how lucky I had ac­tu­ally been. They had cho­sen to love me for me and not per­se­cute me for my dif­fer­ent be­liefs – and that is a truly beau­ti­ful thought.

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