As Venus jig­gles in Can­cer and Mars roasts in Leo, it’s time to turn up the heat. Do I smell a hot cha-cha time?


What have the stars got in store for you?


(MARCH 21-APRIL 20) Aries will dis­cover sev­eral ro­man­tic op­por­tu­ni­ties right out­side their front door if they keep their eyes and hearts open. You won’t need to travel far to feel like you’re ex­plor­ing the world. Press your lusty luck by plan­ning get-to­geth­ers with a bevy of bo­da­cious beau­ties and see which one sparks your in­ter­est. Oh, those trav­el­ling hands!


(APRIL 21-MAY 21) Speak the words of love and some­one spe­cial (and sur­pris­ing) will hear you. Tau­re­ans are able to ad­vance their do­mes­tic agenda as the sum­mer rolls on. But take stock of a long-term fam­ily is­sue that needs a diplo­matic touch. You have it and can fi­nally rid your­self of any fu­ture stress­ful in­ter­ac­tions. Will it be a meet­ing of the minds or a mind­ful break?


(MAY 22-JUNE 21) Think os­ten­ta­tious dis­plays of money can work like a babe mag­net? They may im­press in the short term but bore in the long term. Why not let your ar­dent ac­tions speak louder and prouder than a gaudy trinket? Of course, a bath­tub full of cham­pagne adds more to your moves than a date at Burger King.


(JUNE 22-JULY 23) You are a su­per­star, Can­cer, and that is why you should get out of your com­fort zone and in­crease your so­cial quo­tient. Your charisma hits a high note and your per­sonal oil can be spread over many in­ter­est­ing and pow­er­ful women. Who knows? It could even be prof­itable as your ideas sud­denly get back­ers and in­vestors.


(JULY 24-AUG 23) Lionesses have a few saucy se­crets up their sleeves. But it will be dif­fi­cult to keep them un­der wraps. Will you re­veal more than you ex­pect? A lit­tle vul­ner­a­bil­ity can be very sexy and al­lur­ing. Just as long as you show just a lit­tle. Too much and the de­li­cious mys­tery is gone.


(AUG 24-SEPT 23) You may sense that girl­friends are keep­ing some­thing from you and feel the need to pry it out of them. But chew on things be­fore you bite, Virgo. You may spoil their big sur­prise! Af­ter all, it is com­ing up to your birth­day and it will be more fun to let events un­fold as bo­som bud­dies see fit.


(SEPT 24- OCT 23) You will be able to make a big splash at work, aided by some pow­er­ful ex­ec­u­tive fe­male men­tors who are there to give you some needed sage ad­vice. So play your hand with added ex­per­tise, Libra, and see how far up the cor­po­rate food chain you can climb. Be­fore you know it you will be in the top ex­ec­u­tive tier.


(OCT 24-NOV 22) An ex­otic, sen­sual stranger will make her­self known to you. Be pre­pared to get out of your com­fort zone and ex­pand your hori­zons. You may sur­prise your­self, Scorpio. While al­ways so sus­pi­cious and strate­gic, you may now cast off your reser­va­tions and para­noias and take a risk on some­one to­tally un­ex­pected and dar­ing.


(NOV 23-DEC 22) Sagit­tar­i­ans are es­pe­cially sexy and al­lur­ing now. And why not? You are in ship-shape for cruise sea­son and are randily ready for any babe who washes up on your shore. You may even want to search for her a bit fur­ther afield. Seek your ad­ven­ture through the rest of the sum­mer. There are still some hot spots left for you to fully ex­plore. Uh, yours or hers…?


(DEC 23-JAN 20). Take a good look at the cur­rent state of your re­la­tion­ships. Some could use some TLC and oth­ers may be too much trou­ble to be worth it. Capri­corns are prac­ti­cal women. You know what you need and who to get it from. Those who stoke your pas­sion will win out.


(JAN 21-FEB 19) Get in touch with your body and see what it needs to at­tain a higher level of per­fec­tion… if that is even pos­si­ble. From now to the end of the sum­mer, re­solve to become more healthy in diet, drink and ex­er­cise. Aquee­ri­ans who fo­cus on fit­ness will soon im­press their part­ners with their re­ju­ve­nated out­looks.


(FEB 20-MARCH 20) You will have an ac­tive time now as you see the need to bal­ance fun with work. Your prac­ti­cal in­stinct is to ap­ply your­self on the job, tack­ling var­i­ous de­tailed tasks. But your heart cries for fun, frolic, sun and fes­tiv­i­ties. Try to find time for both. All work and no play make Gup­pies dull girls.

Char­lene Licht­en­stein is the author of Her­scopes: A Guide to Astrol­ogy for Les­bians (Si­mon & Schus­ter) now avail­able as an ebook. (tinyurl.com/her­scopes)

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