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WHO IS SHE? A crime-fight­ing Sil­urian War­rior who keeps the streets of London safe.

DID YOU KNOW: Vas­tra slept for mil­lions of years un­til wo­ken by build­ing work. The Doc­tor found her eat­ing builders on the London Un­der­ground.


WHAT ARE THEY? An In­ter­ga­lac­tic Po­lice Force, they don’t stop un­til they’ve got their tar­get.

DID YOU KNOW? Ju­doon lan­guage sounds great but is very hard to trans­late. “Sco! Bo! Tro! No! Flo! Jo! Ko! Fo! To! Do!” means “Halt! Why are you here?”

Glue the whole of this page onto a sheet of thin card. When dry, cut out Madame Vas­tra and the Ju­doon and fold the tab for­ward so that the facts are at the front. Cut out new Fact Fig­ures ev­ery is­sue!

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