Doctor Who Adventures - - INTERVIEW -


WHAT ARE THEY? Angry lit­tle clones that have been bred for war. All they want to do is fight for the

Son­taran Em­pire. Sontar-Ha!

EMER­GENCY TIP: The best way to stop a Son­taran is to bash the pro­bic vent on the

back of its neck!


WHAT ARE THEY? Teeny, tiny hun­gry crea­tures that live in shad­ows. Just like pi­ra­nhas, they strip the flesh

from their vic­tims. Nice.

DID YOU KNOW? The trees they lived in were turned into books and they ended up

in a space li­brary.

Glue the whole of this page onto a sheet of thin card. When dry, cut out the Son­taran and the Vashta Ner­ada and fold the tab for­ward so that the facts are at the front. Cut out new Fact Fig­ures ev­ery is­sue!

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