Cy­ber facts!

Up­grade your deadly data on the terrifying Cy­ber­men!

Doctor Who Adventures - - FRONT PAGE -

Cold, blank face!

Chest light Deadly laser!

Han­dles! Heavy metal feet make a scary stomp­ing sound! Pow­er­ful grip that can elec­tro­cute vic­tims! Metal legs that can run in­cred­i­bly fast!

Cy­ber­men use Cy­ber­mats to help them fnd power sources and at­tack vic­tims. They’re small, but have a nasty elec­tric bite!

You might be lucky enough to shoot a Cy­ber­man once, but they’re fast and clever and quickly adapt. Your next shot won’t hurt them.

Tiny Cy­ber­mites can break down tech­nol­ogy to help cre­ate and up­date new Cy­ber­men. They can also up­grade hu­mans. Gross!

For­get us­ing metal de­tec­tors, the Cy­ber­men are so clever they can even make wooden ver­sions of them­selves that can’t be spot­ted.

Cy­ber heads can scut­tle on the foor, shoot poi­son darts and even open up and try and snap your face of so they can up­grade you.

Th­ese su­per-shiny sol­diers can re­move their heads and put them down to trick you. Then their head­less bod­ies at­tack from be­hind!

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