Dum­fries prime­stock sale

Dumfries & Galloway Standard - - COUNTRYSIDE -

C& D Auc­tion Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of prime­stock in Dum­fries on Wed­nes­day when 118 cat­tle were for­ward.

Prime cat­tle sold read­ily to 232p/kg for a Li­mousin heifer from Low Three Mark to R John­stone & Sons Butcher, An­nan. Gal­loway bul­locks to 209p/kg Low Three Mark to J G Ren­wicks & sons Butch­ers, Thorn­hill.

OTM cat­tle con­tinue to be wanted with all classes meet­ing com­pe­ti­tion.

43 beef cows av­er­aged 120p/kg to 160p/kg and £1148; 69 dairy cows av­er­aged 97.6p/kg to 148p/kg and £1139.60

Per head: An­gus to £1148, £1053, £1034.90, £1018 White­hall, £1077 Druid­hall/Braco, £1013.80 Skew­bridge, £965.20 Slacks. Hol­stein to £1139 Mor­ton­holm, £1015, £928.20 Barn­den­noch, £923.40 Brown­field. South Devon to £1122.55, £1013.80 Bet­ty­knowes. Li­mousin to £1051 Pears­by­hall. Sim­men­tal to £986 Ash Road, £944 Porter­stown. Fleck­vieh to £910.80, £910.20 Slacks.

Per kilo: Sim­men­tal to 160p, 135p Porter­stown, 145p Ash Road. Hol­stein to 148p, 124p Mor­ton­holm, 145p, 127p, 119p Barn­den­noch, £129p Rue, 119p Ne­w­house

Li­mousin to 145p Pears­by­hall, £135p Bankswood, 135p Porter­stown. South Devon 143p, 137p Bet­ty­knowes. An­gus to 140p, 139p, 135p, 134p, 133p White­hall, 137p(x2) Skew­bridge, 133p Druid­hall/Braco, 127p Slacks. Fleck­vieh to 138p Slacks.

2037 prime sheep

1386 prime lambs: Lambs need to be car­ry­ing plenty of flesh as leaner types are meet­ing lim­ited de­mand dis­tort­ing av­er­ages.

103 lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) – av­er­age 157.7p/ kg to 184p/kg Craig­head.

Texel to £66 Dol­lard, £64 Burn­head. Black­face to £55 Lawes­knowe.

1051 Lambs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) – av­er­age 161.7p/kg to 183p/kg Lit­tle Fen­wick. Texel to £75.50 Ne­whope, £75.50 Bel­rid­ding, £75.50 Sandi­lands, £74.50 Kirk­ton of Craw­ford. Bel­tex to £74 Kirk­bride. Suf­folk to £73.50 Rig­gheads, £68 Thorns. Charol­lais to £73 Rig­gheads.

232 Lambs (45.6kg+) – av­er­age 160p/kg to 183p/kg Nether­hall.

Suf­folk to £88 Cor­rie Mains £73.50 Abune the Brae. Texel to £84 Nether­hall, £81(x2), £79.50 Bel­rid­ding, £78.50 Kirk­ton of Craw­ford, £78.50 Burn­head. Charol­lais to £77.50 Rig­gheads, £77 Lit­tle Fen­wick.

651 cast ewes and rams – all classes looked slightly eas­ier on the week.

Suf­folk to £87.50, £75.50 Barony Col­lege. Texel to £88.50 Mains of Airies, £88.50 Cor­rie Mains, £80.50 Round­fell. Cross to £88.50 Belzies, £83.50 Barony Col­lege.

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