Peo­ple need to be held to ac­count

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Sir – While agree­ing with some of the sentiment in Mr Hol­royd’s let­ter in the Stan­dard last week, there are a cou­ple of points I would like to ad­dress.

Ac­count­abil­ity – peo­ple need to be held to ac­count for their ac­tions.

They need to know they have done wrong to learn. If not, we will con­tinue to blun­der from one catas­tro­phe to the next, whether it be man­agers, coun­cil­lors, work­ers or com­pa­nies.

So yes, heads need to roll for the mess this coun­cil is in, true ac­count­abil­ity.

It is true that we have lost a good num­ber of skilled and knowl­edge­able work­ers and man­agers.

With these peo­ple gone, they have been re­placed but by peo­ple of less skills and knowl­edge – some don’t even know what their role is.

So it’s not just the coun­cil that is los­ing, but the peo­ple of Dum­fries and Gal­loway. So yes, things are only go­ing to get worse and like Northamp­ton­shire and Tor­bay coun­cils, it wouldn’t sur­prise me if this coun­cil fol­lowed suit and went bust.

It’s just about on its knees now with ser­vices al­ready gone but not pub­lished, vi­tal equip­ment not avail­able and staff be­ing stopped from or­der­ing sup­plies as the bud­gets are al­ready spent for this year.

Yes, the po­lit­i­cal tide is turn­ing, but in which di­rec­tion?

The Tory party is the party of the rich who are good at slo­gans and rhetoric but rarely carry any­thing out to help the poorer peo­ple of our so­ci­ety (this is from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence).

The SNP are, in my opin­ion, noth­ing more than flag-wav­ing tar­tan Tories who have one goal – to break up the United King­dom – but at the same time have put taxes up in Scot­land.

(I voted yes to in­de­pen­dence but have since changed my mind due to Stur­geon’s stance on other is­sues).

The Lib­eral Democrats? Well, enough said on them.

As for the Labour Party – their leader shouts about poverty and help­ing the poor while sit­ting in a mil­lion pound house in Lon­don. He would gladly turn the clock back to the 1970s with strikes and food short­ages, and lead us into com­mu­nism where ev­ery­one is equal – but some are more equal than oth­ers.

So who can you vote for? Which­ever way it is we lose un­less we have a groundswell and a new po­lit­i­cal party emerges soon, but that’s un­likely ei­ther.

So ba­si­cally were all doomed.

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