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March­mount Bowl­ing Club held its end-of-sea­son prize­giv­ing last Fri­day and en­joyed a so­cial evening with mu­sic from Gee Gee.

The win­ners (and run­ners up) were:

Gents Club Cham­pion: S Lowther (C Poland).

Ladies Club Cham­pion: N Craik (B Kerr).


Far­row Cup (hand­i­cap sin­gles): A Reid (A Glendin­ning).

John Brown Cup (se­nior sin­gles): R McLe­mon (R Jess).

D Poland Cup (DBA sin­gles): D Fraser (D Poland).

Con­so­la­tion Cup (two bowl sin­gles): J M By­ers (J New­lands).

R Hogg Cup (Bowls Scot­land pairs): A Glendin­ning & A G Snape (S Kerr & D Smith).

Jim Blyth Cup (Bowls Scot­land triples): S Lowther, C Poland & C Allen (C Pea­cock, R Jess & D Smith).

Archie Bell Tro­phy (Bowls Scot­land fours): S Lowther, C Poland, A Glendin­ning, C Allen (C Pea­cock, R Jess, D Poland, D Smith).

P Cros­bie Me­mo­rial Salver (Bowls Scot­land se­nior fours): W Glendin­ning, S Duff, N R Han­nah, J Kerr (C Pea­cock, R Jess, D Poland, D Smith).

Rob­son Tro­phy (DBA pairs): S Lowther & D Poland (A G Snape & D Fraser).

D Kirk­patrick Tro­phy (DBA triples): A G Snape, B Hain­ing & S Duff (J Mair, J New­lands, J Kerr).

Friend­ship Shield (DBA rinks): D Smith, J New­lands, B Scott, J Kerr (A G Snape, B Hain­ing, N R Han­nah, S Duff ).

J Booth Tro­phy (DBA se­nior pairs): D Poland & D Smith (T Mur­ray & J Kerr).

D H Bell pairs: S Mur­ray & J Loudon (G Martin & M Martin).

J Aitk­man triples: G Martin, M Martin & J Kerr (G Hain­ing, J Wil­son, P Dodds).

James Lin­den Tro­phy (club pairs): J New­lands & G Bell (D Fraser & A Henry).

Gents Yogi’s Shield (most points in sweep): B Scott.


Jamieson Tro­phy (mixed set sin­gles): A Glendin­ning (D Smith).

Bob­bet Cup (Bowls Scot­land mixed pairs): J M By­ers & N Craik (A Glendin­ning & A Car­son).

Edgar Bell Tro­phy (drawn mixed rinks): B Scott, A Snape, K Cowins, S Schei (J Wat­son, P Dodds, P Hill, R Den­holm).


Cen­te­nary Shield (most points in sweep): L Blyth.

Coro­na­tion Cup (hand­i­cap sin­gles): B Kerr (A Snape).

Kens­ing­ton Tro­phy (ladies sin­gles): N Craik (A Snape).

Mal­laig Tro­phy (con­so­la­tion sin­gles): B Kimm (J Court).

Vi­o­let Hal­l­i­day Me­mo­rial Tro­phy (Bowls Scot­land se­nior sin­gles): K Pea­cock (E Smith).

Club pairs: A Snape & S Schei (N Craik & L Blyth).

Mar­garet Hunter Me­mo­rial Shield (Bowls Scot­land se­nior fours): D Beck, J Court, S Schei, L Blyth (A Snape, B Kerr, L Hal­l­i­day, M Gil­lies).

Fraser Shield (Bowls Scot­land fours): Z Kirk, B Kimm, Y Hid­dle­ston, H Kimm (D Beck, B Kerr, J Court, S Schei).

Cor­ry­don Shield (Bowls Scot­land triples): Z Kirk, Y Hid­dle­ston, K Hain­ing (D Beck, B Kerr, J Court).

Don­ald­son Edgar Shield (Bowls Scot­land 4 bowls pairs): Z Kirk & K Hain­ing (K Pea­cock) & G By­ers.

I Ross Shield (Bowls Scot­land 2 bowl pairs): D Beck & B Kerr (N Craik & N March­bank).

Proud The March­mount Bowl­ing Club prizewin­ners

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