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How wool bed­ding can help you have a good nights sleep

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His­tor­i­cally, when it comes to buy­ing a du­vet, pil­low or mat­tress pro­tec­tor/top­per most peo­ple will likely choose a syn­thetic, feather or down so­lu­tion. The Wool Room are lead­ing a charge amongst bed­ding sup­pli­ers and de­liv­er­ing real ben­e­fits to peo­ples sleep not to men­tion their health and well­be­ing.

What is the Wool Room?

The Wool Room sells lux­ury wool bed­ding made from the finest Bri­tish wool, which is sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to im­prove sleep qual­ity. In fact, re­search sug­gests wool bed­ding can help pro­vide up to 25% more stage four re­gen­er­a­tive sleep. This means you’ll wake up feel­ing re­freshed, revitalised and ready to face the day.

How can wool keep you cool when it’s hot?

Wool is a nat­u­ral in­su­la­tor to keep you warm in win­ter and nat­u­rally breath­able to keep you cool in sum­mer. Wool fi­bre helps to keep your body at the op­ti­mal tem­per­a­ture zone for com­fort and rest. Wool fi­bre is the orig­i­nal wick­ing fi­bre. Wool fab­rics can ab­sorb up to 30% of their weight with­out feel­ing heavy or damp. Cot­ton fab­rics be­gin to feel damp af­ter 15%. The fi­bres “breathe” by ab­sorb­ing away mois­ture from the body and re­leas­ing it into the air. This qual­ity makes wool fab­rics or bed­ding com­fort­able to wear or use in warm and cold weather.

Does it smell of sheep?

Wool is a nat­u­ral prod­uct that comes from a liv­ing an­i­mal, and varies from sheep to sheep. We make ev­ery at­tempt to thor­oughly clean our wool by dou­ble wash­ing all of our wool to make it as ‘odour neu­tral’ as pos­si­ble but a small per­cent­age of our cus­tomers have an acute sen­si­tiv­ity to smell. Any resid­ual odour al­ways neu­tralises within days as the wool ad­justs to its new en­vi­ron­ment.

Is wool bed­ding good news for al­lergy suf­fer­ers?

Wool bed­ding from The Wool Room is the first sci­en­tif­i­cally proven woollen hy­poal­ler­genic bed­ding so­lu­tion that is also 100% nat­u­ral! Re­cent sci­en­tific tests have shown that our bed­ding is re­sis­tant to house dust mites, house dust mite al­ler­gen and fun­gus.

There are many other types of anti al­lergy bed­ding so­lu­tions on the mar­ket, but ours has been proven to be ef­fec­tive with­out freez­ing or wash­ing at high tem­per­a­tures. Bed­ding from The Wool Room is ideal for any­one who suf­fers from al­ler­gies, asthma or eczema while pro­vid­ing 25% more deep re­gen­er­a­tive sleep! We’re the only wool bed­ding man­u­fac­turer to have been awarded the Al­lergy UK Seal of Ap­proval.

How of­ten do I need to wash my wool bed­ding?

The best ‘wash’ for your wool du­vet is to­tally nat­u­ral. Wool loves fresh air - just like the sheep. Hang your du­vet on the line on a breezy day or toast in the sun on your bal­cony... But there are times when you may want to give your bed­ding a com­plete wash – we have a range of bed­ding prod­ucts which are ma­chine wash­able on wool cy­cle, us­ing wool de­ter­gent. Where can I see the wool bed­ding? Lo­cal Suf­folk sheep farmer Bob Wilden and his part­ner Niki have re­cently opened a Wool Room Sleep Stu­dio at their home near Ip­swich. They have the whole range of bed­ding, wool mat­tresses plus beau­ti­ful wool blan­kets, throws and other home ac­ces­sories on dis­play for you to try be­fore you buy. Visit the Sleep Stu­dio at Sy­camore Farm, Somer­sham Road, Bram­ford, IP8 4NN on a Tues­day or Thurs­day be­tween 10am and 4pm, or phone Niki and Bob on 01473 831723 / 07477 090745 to ar­range a visit at any other time in­clud­ing evenings and week­ends.

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