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The Dachs­hund can steal many hearts. From present day celebri­ties such as Adele, Ash­ley Olsen and Jack Black to those a lit­tle fur­ther back in time such as Brigitte Bar­dot, Andy Warhol and Pi­casso to name but a few, this stead­fast breed has proven an ever-faith­ful com­pan­ion. Al­though ex­ud­ing a stout­ness of heart in­versely pro­por­tional to its size, the Dachs­hund car­ries a lethal weak­ness.

It was this weak­ness which reared its ugly head in the case of Ju­lia Sy­mons’ faith­ful com­pan­ion, Wil­bur. Ju­lia, who runs the “Old Stores” Cafe and Cu­rios shop in Tud­den­ham near Ip­swich, had no­ticed Wil­bur be­com­ing pro­gres­sively un­com­fort­able one week­end. Within twenty-four hours he was paral­ysed from the mid-back down. Or­well Vet­eri­nary Group, Wil­bur’s usual vets, re­ferred him di­rectly to Christchurch Vet­eri­nary Re­fer­rals.

At CVR, MRI scans were run on Wil­bur’s spine and these con­firmed a mas­sive in­ter­ver­te­bral disc rup­ture, com­press­ing his spinal cord. De­com­pres­sive spinal surgery was car­ried out forth­with and the rup­tured disc was re­moved from Wil­bur’s spinal cord.

Fol­low­ing a pe­riod of re­cu­per­a­tion, Wil­bur re­gained the full func­tion of his spinal cord. Ju­lia re­counts: “Mr Mor­ri­son ad­vised me that Wil­bur had a good chance of re­cov­ery with surgery to re­move disc de­bris and phys­io­ther­apy to help him walk again. It was all done at the re­fer­ral cen­tre; scans, surgery and phys­io­ther­apy. We are ex­tremely lucky to have this in Ip­swich”. We are all so pleased that Wil­bur has made a full re­cov­ery.

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