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After a long, hot, glo­ri­ous sum­mer, we are now of­fi­cially in the au­tumn of the year. For me, au­tum­nal days bring back mem­o­ries of school – per­haps the ner­vous­ness of start­ing a new school, maybe the ex­cite­ment of a new class, new friends, new teach­ers, new sub­jects to learn.

That was 50 years ago, but those feel­ings still come flood­ing back when prompted.

A cou­ple of weeks ago, I found my­self trans­ported back in time dur­ing a visit to West Suf­folk Col­lege. I was there for the briefest of meet­ings, but it hap­pened to be just a few days after the an­nounce­ment of the GCSE re­sults.

Be­cause of that, the build­ing was abuzz with young peo­ple sort­ing out their cour­ses at the col­lege. I was re­ally struck by the lev­els of ex­cite­ment, as hun­dreds of bright young­sters chat­ted, laughed, and had fun while at the same time mak­ing im­por­tant de­ci­sions about their fu­tures.

‘What I was see­ing were happy, con­fi­dent young peo­ple, dis­cussing and de­cid­ing the next steps in their lives’

It brought back mem­o­ries for me, but it also em­pha­sised how much things have moved on . . . for the bet­ter. What I was see­ing were happy, con­fi­dent young peo­ple, dis­cussing and de­cid­ing the next steps in their lives.

Half a cen­tury ago, the scene would have been very dif­fer­ent. Back then, young peo­ple were pretty much told what was good for them by their el­ders and bet­ters. After all, they knew best . . . didn’t they?

Don’t mis­un­der­stand me – I was very for­tu­nate to have a good ed­u­ca­tion, and it cer­tainly helped to open doors for me. But our fu­tures were very much charted for us by the adults in our lives.

Now, we have a much more self-con­fi­dent gen­er­a­tion, who chal­lenge, and ques­tion. I think of my own three chil­dren, now all grown up and forg­ing their own ca­reers. They, and their friends, were al­ways very con­fi­dent when talk­ing to our gen­er­a­tion, whether our friends, or teach­ers at their high school. Much health­ier, and a much bet­ter plat­form for adult life.

As al­ways, the younger gen­er­a­tion faces many chal­lenges. It can’t be easy plot­ting their way through the po­ten­tial pit­falls. But I do be­lieve that they are so much bet­ter equipped than we were all those years ago.

I wish them all very well with their en­deav­ours.


My sis­ter Karen and I have been over­whelmed by the gen­eros­ity of so many peo­ple as we pre­pare for our walk on the Suf­folk coast. Dozens of folk have very kindly do­nated to help us raise money to buy more life-sav­ing de­fib­ril­la­tors for Suf­folk.

For our part, we’ve been train­ing to get our­selves in the best pos­si­ble shape for the 60-mile chal­lenge be­tween Low­est­oft and Felixs­towe.

The date is set. We start on Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 3, and fin­ish on Tues­day, Novem­ber 6. Four days, so we’ll be av­er­ag­ing 15 miles a day. My big worry is how to avoid the dreaded blis­ters, but I’m hope­ful my ex­cel­lent walk­ing boots will keep my feet safe.

I know from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence how im­por­tant ‘defibs’ are, so if you are able to help, you will be sup­port­ing the best pos­si­ble cause. If you search the web for Crow­fund­ing Walk for Suf­folk de­fib­ril­la­tors you will find our Just­Giv­ing Page.

Thank you. terry.hunt@eadt.co.uk

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