Petals and per­fumes


Roses have given us so much. Their scent is used in per­fumes, soaps and sprays, and how many lit­tle girls have at­tempted to make their own per­fume, col­lect­ing petals, mix­ing them with wa­ter, end­ing up with a sticky brown mush? For­tu­nately, there are ex­perts who do this prop­erly. I seem to re­mem­ber boys had more suc­cess when they made itch­ing pow­der from rose hips. I use rose es­sen­tial oil for peace and heal­ing, and I am re­li­ably in­formed, that chil­dren were once sent out on school days to col­lect rose hips for mak­ing rose-hip syrup to boost vi­ta­min C lev­els at a time when food was ra­tioned. I would love to hear from any­one who re­mem­bers this, as I’m writ­ing a book about wild­flow­ers, their his­tory, folk­lore and mean­ings.

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