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A large rise in wa­ter us­age dur­ing the coro­n­avirus lock­down has sparked a warn­ing from Anglian Wa­ter about man­ag­ing sup­plies in the weeks and months ahead.

Wa­ter us­age by house­holds between March and the start of June was up to 20 per cent higher than nor­mal for this time of year, as peo­ple washed their hands more, stayed hy­drated and used more for DIY in their homes and gardens. Also it’s been the dri­est and sun­ni­est spring since Vic­to­rian times. Anglian Wa­ter pumped an ad­di­tional 200mil­lion litres to homes across the East of Eng­land on some of the warm­est days dur­ing May, sim­i­lar to lev­els reached dur­ing the mid­dle of the 2018 sum­mer heat­wave. Di­rec­tor of wa­ter ser­vices Paul Val­le­ley said the risk, if sim­i­lar peak de­mand lev­els con­tin­ued, was that there is only so much wa­ter the com­pany could treat and put into the net­work at any one time.

“If ev­ery­one draws on that sup­ply at the same time, we could see wa­ter pres­sures dip, mean­ing it can’t flow from the taps so freely. We’re ask­ing peo­ple to use the wa­ter they need to stay hy­drated and healthy, but please think care­fully about dis­cre­tionary use and re­use wa­ter wher­ever pos­si­ble.”

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