1921 An­gel Hill, Bury St Ed­munds

“I’ve been play­ing lots of ‘doc­tors and nurses’. The girls tell me ‘daddy, you’re the child and I’m the mummy and you’re ill and you’ve got to go to bed’. So I lie down. I think I’m done with that game now. There are only so many times you can play it.

“We live above the restau­rant and don’t have a gar­den. That’s not easy with a three- and a two-year-old. I turned the pri­vate din­ing room into a ball-pond, we’ve done ‘cook­ing’ which is more about mak­ing a mess with flour and me stop­ping them shov­el­ling but­ter into their mouths. It’s been amaz­ing to have this time as a dad. Eve­lyn’s speech has come on so much, and Char­lotte is grow­ing up fast. Be­fore, it was one day a week. Now I’m in­volved in the day-to-day stuff. I’m not ‘su­per-daddy’ any more though.

“My wife An­nie and I have be­come ex­er­cise ad­dicts. I’m used to be­ing on my feet the whole time. The chil­dren are men­tally tir­ing, but phys­i­cally I used to do 26,000 steps on a Satur­day, 15,000 dur­ing ser­vice alone. Some days now I don’t even do 10,000.

“We’re well-placed to bounce back at 1921. Peo­ple know us. And we’re a tight team, I miss them a lot. I pray there’ll be a sum­mer re­open­ing but July 4, to me, seems a bit pre­ma­ture.”

Zack Deakins and Jess Magee.

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