EADT Suffolk : 2020-07-01

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BEFORE YOU GO... more conversati­ons with our neighbours at ‘The Hedge and Bottle’, the name we have given to the safe space in our front gardens for alcoholic liaisons. This has often attracted passersby. One passing cyclist informed us that the local chippy is now up and running again. What we have saved in petrol we have probably spent in wine and beer, since the local brewpub started doing takeaway ales. The spirit of inventiven­ess driven by necessity will revolution­ise the way we do things. As a clergyman, I have been live streaming services from my study, trying to get to grips with modern technology and sharing my daily prayers online with many more people than I would have normally inside a church building. Zoom meetings have reduced the time it takes to agree things in committees, leaving more time to talk on the telephone, one-to-one, with the needy and vulnerable. Spring seems to have been slower this year, or maybe it is just that I have spent more time looking at it and observing the changes. Maybe we will all become more aware and appreciati­ve of our precious environmen­t. I woke in the middle of the night recently, dreaming of Baron Bigod. Not the bloke, whoever he was, but the cheese. And not really the cheese itself, but the last time we gathered round a table with friends devouring this sacred Suffolk delicacy with locally baked bread. I long for the ability to share good food and companions­hip at home, in my local pub, and in the restaurant­s in town with their inventive chefs. I long to sample the same air as my friends without any fear, share funny stories and half remembered anecdotes, and at the end embrace friends without worrying that I am passing on a deadly disease, or receiving one in return. Roll on the new normality. . . #ThereWithY­ou tony@theredmans.co.uk Life after lockdown Time to embrace the ‘new normal’. . . hopefully with some bits of the ‘old normal’ ABOVE: How will we all cope when everything opens up again? 122 Suffolk: July 2020 Š

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