EADT Suffolk : 2020-07-01

SUFFOLK DOGS : 26 : 26


Woof you believe it? Five-star luxury for Suffolk’s much-loved canines BY MARION WELHAM the boot of the couple’s car. And with hens in the orchard, ducks by the pond and wild camping by the stream, it’s impossible not to think of the 1970s sitcom ‘The Good Life’. Nic wouldn’t argue with that, right down to being as self-sufficient as possible. “We are making a living but not banking profit,” he explains. “The goats pay for themselves with the Soapy Goat ranges, the eggs we sell at the gate pay for the hens and ducks, we have wild camping which pays for someone to cut the grass in the meadow, and we look after the dogs and they look after us. And we grow our own organic fruit and veg so it really is a good life,” he laughs. The couple work as a team and ABOVE: Nic and Jane Pike of Pikes Paws 26 Suffolk: July 2020 Š

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