EADT Suffolk : 2020-07-01

PEOPLE : 70 : 70


detail around each of them and the routines of life aboard. “It became part of the fabric of the day, so even though from the outside everything was the same everyday, there were subtle difference­s in conversati­ons and detail. You do get obsessed with detail on a long trip, because your whole world gets magnified and everything becomes important – sleep, the books you read, what you have for dinner.” Ashore on the Galapagos Islands Claudia Myatt sketched freely and had no regrets about not bringing a camera. The barren landscape of some of the relatively new islands was not the most photogenic, but around the islands she was struck by a feeling of being an intruder. “There is this whole sense that humans are the alien species. We are the visitor, we don’t belong there.” She recalls sitting on a sandy beach with mangrove trees behind, birds singing and wildlife unconcerne­d by the occasional human trespasser. “Anywhere else in the world 70 Suffolk: July 2020 Š

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